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IPhone for those who dont know the iphone is a mobile phone. A few reasons I think the iphone is the best invetion ever is. One reason is that it is mini computer that fits in your hands,you can pretty much do anything you can do on a computer on a phone. Another reason is its your xbox one/ps4 in a hand held device you can play prretty much any game on your console on you phone and a lot more. And why wounldnt you want a phone?

The iphone has better software integration.THe iphone is by far the easiest to use, it is super simple. If an update comes out for iphone and you dont want update you dont have to, you can wait until you want to update. And a big reason parents buy the iphone is it has apple pay which means you can pay for stuff with your phone as long as the store you are shopping at has apple pay aswell. And last but not least apple has the best customer service/ help and support.

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